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Capella House - Consultation Questionaire

Section 10 Consultation Questionnaire The consultation will run until Friday 18th January 2019.

1. Do you support the proposal to open a new special school (Capella House School) for pupils with speech, language and communication needs from within Richmond and Kingston?*
2. Funding Agreement: In order for the school to open it will need to enter into a Funding Agreement with the Department for Education. Do you agree that the Department for Education should enter into a Funding Agreement with the Auriga Academy Trust to open Capella House School?*
3. Vision and Values: Capella House will be the third special school within the Auriga Academy Trust and will share the values of the Trust. These are: for pupils to make outstanding progress, to value the contribution of all, to provide a personalised curriculum in real life contexts, to develop and enhance communication skills , to provide outstanding teaching and care, to be an integral part of the local community Do you support these visions and values?*
4. There is an identified need for additional special school places for pupils with an EHCP locally. There is no local state-funded special school provision for pupils with speech, language and communication needs. Do you agree that Capella House Schools will provide much needed special school places for these pupils locally?*
5. Do you agree that opening the proposed Capella House School will provide extra choice for parents of pupils with Special Educational Needs in Richmond and Kingston?*
7. We want Capella House to be an integral part of the local community. Are there any services or facilities that you would like the school to offer the community? please tick one option of most interest to you:*
8. About you: Please tick one box that best describes the capacity in which you have completed this form:*

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